Traveling Productions

             SCT presents these two, energy packed productions designed to tour to area schools, churches, libraries, retirement homes, business meetings and community celebrations.  Please call Tom Ballmer or Mary Lou at 641-424-9802 for booking inquiries.

A Musical Revue
“The Andrews Sisters”

Take a trip down memory lane with your favorite melodies from those romantic nights on lovers’ lane . . . and relive those special moments from the past. If you don’t recognize the tight harmonies of the Andrews Sisters’ tunes, ask your parents! You’re sure to enjoy those great songs from the World War II era.

Cast List coming soon
*indicates SCT award-winner
~previous tour cast member

“Androcles and the Lion
Sponsored by Alpha Orthodontics

One of the most popular children’s plays ever written, this award-winning “Outstanding” play has been produced in twenty different countries. A group of Commedia players; the stingy Pantalone, the bragging Captain, the romantic Lovers, the trickster Androcles, plus an endearing Lion – make Aesop’s fable a wild, colorful theatrical experience, chock filled with music and comedy
Cast List coming soon

The SCT school tour can educate and entertain your young ones in your very own school gym. Please encourage your school to consider booking this opportunity.