Saturday Workshops

Sprint Creative Drama Workshops
April 15 through May 20

“Spring Has Sprung”
Ages 4-6 years (preschool)
10:00-10:50 a.m.

Hop with the bunnies, bloom with the flowers, fly with the chickadees.  Join Easter Bunnies, the Mother’s Day Mice and Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor’s garden and beyond.  Children will listen to and improvise stories that celebrate the arrival of spring.  Fee $40 

“African Folktales”
Ages 5-7 years (K-2nd)
11:00-11:55 a.m.

Why do mosquitos buzz in people’s ears?  How did Anansi win stories from the Sky God?  Who is Kintu the ape?  Find the answers to these questions in the African folktales that will be explored and dramatized in this class.  The rich stories of the African countries will come to life as we read aloud and act out the action of the folktales. Fee $40

 To register stop by the box office or call 641-424-9802 between
1-5 p.m. weekdays or email us at