Weekly Tier Classes


Now Accepting Registrations for 2016-2017 Season Tier Classes

             Stebens Children’s Theatre’s mission is to instruct young people in the theatre arts and provide high-quality, theatrical experiences to the North Iowa area.  Tier class is the most exciting way to get involved with all aspects of theatre including performing, technical theatre and classroom fun!

1st TIER-Creative Drama–Monday, 6-7 pm – Age 7-9

            This class introduces theatre through story-telling and creative drama, an informal process focusing on making theatre fun for the student rather than the audience.  Puppetry and pantomime are explored.  An introduction-to-the-stage production workshop is “shared” with parents at the end of the year.  1st and 2nd tier students are included in the main stage as ushers.

2nd TIER-Beginning Acting–Tuesday, 6-7:30 pm – Age 8-10

            The students continue their work in creative drama, but also study beginning performance techniques:  acting, scene study, movement and singing.  They continue to usher for the main stage plus present in-class “performances” and a musical theatre performance for the Variety Show in May.  Students, age nine, are encouraged to audition for main-stage productions.

3rd TIER-Musical Theatre–Monday, 4:30-6 pm – Age 9-11

Students continue scene study and acting techniques, but the year focuses on the realm of musical theatre; music videos, singing and dancing, again ending in a Variety Show performance.  3rd tier students can still usher.

4th TIER–Theatre Arts–Tuesday, 4:30-6 pm – Age 10-12

            The focus of the first half of fourth tier is on the actor’s voice with the fall term committed to a reader’s theatre production.  Sections of scene study and improvisation are also practiced.  In the spring the class produces mime pieces for the Variety Show.

5th TIER–Theatre Arts–Wednesday, 4:30-6 pm – Age 11-13

The fifth tier offers much variety for the student, including stage combat, scene study, improvisation and skit writing.  In the fall they participate in a scene adjudication night.  In the spring they create & perform skits for the Variety Show.

6th TIER–Skill Building–Thursday, 4:30-6 pm – Age 12-14

            This class focuses on building performance skills.  The focus of the fall is on the SCENE ADJUDICATION NIGHT.  The spring is focused on creating acts for STEPPING OUT AT STEBENS.  Middle school students are trained through the extensive use of theatre games and improvisation.

7th TIER–Skill Building–(HIGH SCHOOL)–Thursday, 6-7:30 pm – Age 14-18

            This tier focuses on stretching performance skills through creating acts for  STEPPING OUT AT STEBENS and the 7th Tier Challenge.  Learning objectives are also explored through improvisation, theatre games, comedy, voice, mime, dialects/accents, dancing and singing.  Technical design and speech acts are encouraged as individual projects.

Register now and reserve your spot!!!  Tier class is the most exciting way to get involved with all aspects of theatre including performing, technical theatre and classroom fun.  Classes start September 6, 2016 and meet weekly; a minimum of 32 (and more typically 36) times per year.  To register for 1st Tier a student must be at least seven years old and attending second grade. The fee for Tier 1 students is $75/month and all other students (Tiers 2-7) is $90/month, paid at the first of each month.  The registration deposit is the tuition for September and May-$150 for a Tier 1 student & $180 for all others.  (In the past SCT has had a waiting list due to classes being full.)  Tier Class Scholarships are available!!
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